Welcome to The Musso & Frank Grill

Before the iconic Hollywood sign was built, The Musso & Frank Grill was here. And for premieres and finales, through awards seasons and writers’ strikes, we’ve been here. Passed down through three generations, Musso’s is a Hollywood staple — known as much for its commitment to tradition as it is for its superior food and classic ambiance. In fact, Musso’s looks the way it did when Charlie Chaplin dined here, and our menu is so esteemed — so classic — it’s gone virtually unchanged for nearly 100 years. Step in our door — and into another time.

Meet the Family

In 1927, John Mosso, together with his partner, Joseph Carrissimi, purchased The Musso & Frank Grill from Joseph Musso and Frank Toulet, for whom the restaurant was named. Perhaps Mr. Mosso was originally drawn to the restaurant by the similarity in the names of Musso and Mosso. Today, The Musso & Frank Grill is owned by the families of the three granddaughters of John Mosso: Steve and Anne Jones, John and Cathy Echeverria and Richard and Kristen Kohlmeyer. The general manager is Mark Echeverria, John Mosso’s great grandson.

John Mosso was born in Turin, Italy on January 30, 1888. He worked as an automotive engineer for Fiat, the Italian automobile manufacturer. In 1922, when Benito Mussolini began to develop his fascist ideology, John Mosso left Italy with his wife and daughter for the United States.

In 1927, Mr. Mosso, in partnership with Joseph Carissimi, purchased the Musso & Frank Grill from Frank Toulet and Josoph Musso. The new partners retained the name and managed the restaurant together until 1944. Joseph Carissimi left his interest in the restaurant to his son Charles. The restaurant was then run by John Mosso and Charles Carrisimi until Charles died in 1969. Charles left his interest in the restaurant to his wife Edith. At around the same time, Mr. Mosso’s daughter Rose, having raised her three daughters, began to spend more time in the daily operations of the restaurant. When Mr. Mosso passed away in 1974, he left his interest in the restaurant to his only daughter Rose.

Rose Keegel and Edith Carissimi then ran the restaurant together until Mrs. Keegel passed away in 2000. She left her interest in the restaurant to her three daughters who then ran the restaurant with Mrs. Carissimi. In October of 2009, the three granddaughters of John Mosso, together with their families, purchased Mrs. Carissimi’s interest in the restaurant.

The Musso & Frank Grill is operated today by the third and fourth generations of the John Mosso family. The family of John Mosso continues to be committed to provide the authentic experience, ambiance and traditional dining of historic Hollywood.

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“The bar … can turn out a martini that Bogart would've judged worthy of the name. That counts for a lot in this world.” - Esquire magazine


General Manager

Being part of the team at Musso’s is for me an emotional experience, since I read about this magical place in my favorite novelist’s books. I knew about Musso's even before I imagined to venture in the restaurant Business. I’m honored to be a part of this legacy.

Bobby C.

"When I tell people I work at Musso & Frank they say "Thats a great restaurant!" I say "Yes it is but it is also a "Time Machine!"


I am very proud of working at Musso & Frank for over 5 years. It is a place like no other, every guest is very special and I strive to give them a great experience.


Proud to work at Musso & Frank, a timeless destination for generations of family and friends. A Hollywood landmark where people's memories are relived and new ones created when they walk through the doors for the great history, food and of course Martinis.


Our staff at Musso & Frank are proud of our legendary status. This is where Raymond Chandler, F. Scott Fitzgerald sought inspiration....The true Hollywood landmark.


Maitre ‘d

We never think of our guests as customers – just new and old friends coming in to enjoy themselves... and a great dinner.


serving since 2010

I approach food and life with zest and a sense of humor, it makes everything taste better. I am so proud to be the third executive chef in Musso's 93 year history.


serving since 1957

In 54 years, I have served 10's of thousands of customers at Musso's, and every single one was special!


serving since 1989

I have been a bartender in Hollywood for 58 years, 22 of them at Musso's. When guests come to the bar they tell me they hear I make the best martini in America. I tell them; "You be the judge."


Fourth Generation

Musso's is a place where you feel comfortable, like you belong, always has been and always will be. When you step through the doors of The Musso & Frank Grill, you are part of our family.


serving since 1967

Keith (Richards) gave me a 1954 Gibson guitar and signed it "To my fatso amigo."


serving since 1972

People ask me if we age the steaks; I tell them yes, but not as long as we age the servers.

  • On the Floor

    You’ll feel like Hollywood royalty — even if you’re not. Our waiters are true professionals in every sense of the word. And they’re like family. Many have been here 20, 30 and even 40 years, perfecting their art. At The Musso & Frank Grill, service is exactly that. An art.

  • Behind the Bar

    You’ve never had a martini like this. With more than 90 collective years of bartending experience, there are few drinks our bartenders haven’t made. But what Musso’s is most famous for are the classics, made to exquisite perfection. It’s no wonder Esquire magazine called ours one of the “Best Bars in America.”

  • In the Kitchen

    Beginning with the famous French chef Jean Rue, who spent more than 53 years creating and perfecting Musso’s original recipes, our phenomenal food has become something of a Hollywood legend. Only two talented executive chefs have taken the reins in our kitchen in the three decades since Chef Rue retired.